DEB2017 Course material

All of the lectures and links to material are found in the course description document.

Download the full course document here

Please find below a list of useful ressources:

In addition to the general material listed above, specific material is recquired for each of the DEB in practice excercices. Please read below and prepare accordingly:

"AmP guided excercice" (1.5 hours)

  • download the latest version of DEBtool
  • set path to DEBtool_M directory
  • make a working folder on your computer, save from DEBtool folder /lib/pet and extract in your working folder
  • mydata_my_pet_std
  • pars_init_my_pet_std
  • predict_my_pet_std
  • run_my_pet_std
  • DEB in practice I "Resource management – deep sea fisheries" (3 hours)

    see course document

    DEB in practice II "Reconstructions" (3 hours)

    See the course document

    DEB in practice III "Populations" (2 hours)

    See section 7.5 of the course document

    DEB in practice IV "Biophysical ecology" (1 hour)

    See section 7.6 of the course document
    Anas platyrhynchos, the mallard duck. Very common here in Tromsø. You will also find it in the Add-my-Pet collection.