DEB2017 Logistics: Travel information

The international symposium will take place at the Clarion Hotel The Edge.

School travel from the airport to the hotel

 The practical part, will be held at the Sydspissen hotel , Strandveien 166 9006 Tromsø. If you want to travel by local bus its best to take the lift down to the carpark, go across the car park to the road and cross the road. This is the stop for taking the bus in the direction you require (see public busstop map PDF). Here are two options to get from the airport to the Sydspissen Hotel.
  • Bus number 40/42 for 50 nok CASH ONLY from the airport to Jekta (first stop after the airport) then disembark and take either the 33 or 34 (showing the original ticket) to Sydspissen. Ask the driver nicely and he will shout when you are at sydspissen. The bus times can be found here: Route 40 , route 42, route 33/34.
  • If there are a small group of you ~6 and you don’t want to wait for the bus what better way to make new connections than to share a taxi. This can be found directly to the right of the airport exit. The price to Sydspissen should be about 300 NOK.

In order to make the most of your personal free time and to get to know Tromsø you may want to see the sights. The quickest way to get from the Hotel to the city centre is via bus 33/34, this will get you to the centre in about 5 minutes.

If you plan on using the bus while you are here during your free time then its recommended to get hold of a 7 day ticket bus card for 240 NOK. This can be purchased when you embark the first bus at the airport but remember busses are CASH ONLY. This bus ticket will get you unlimited travel on any of the bus services in the 19100 zone.

All bus travel can be planned easily on the smart phone with the Troms Reise app.

Things to do in Tromso during your spare time

  • Polar museum – closes at 17:00. They also do a free guided tour at 14:00 everyday
  • Tromso museum – about 10 minutes walk from the hotel. It closes at 16:30.
  • Polaria. Closes at 19:00. Seal feeding is at 12:30 and 15:00.
  • Ol hallen, closes at 19:30 Monday to Wednesday and 00:30 Thursday to Saturday pub only but full of history.
  • Arctic cathedral- no concerts lined up for the period but this could change.
  • Cable carcloses at 01:00 last gondola down but unless you want the long walk over the bridge to sydspissen (1h6min) then I suggest you consult the bus schedule for bus 26 to town then for 33/34 to Sydspissen.
  • Tromso Art museum and prospective museum are free of charge but both close at 17:00 every day.


Here in Tromsø the weather can vary a lot at this time of year from snow to nice warm sunny days and everything in between. There will be a fun day on the 26th of May and although it is not fully decided what is taking place it is suggested that you come equipped for spending some time outside and prepare for the weather. For those brave enough you may want to join in a for an Arctic swim so it is advised to bring you swimming costume and a towel.

Things to do before or after the symposium

Arctic campers tromso or icaravan AS in tromso offer RV rentals.

Andernes is a good place to see whales. Its mainly sperm whales down there and you can contact whale safari andernes about it. Remember to take sea sickness pills or something as the weather may be a little rough for the whale tour. The ferry from Gryllfjord is also good for apotting cetaceans - the ferry service will take RVs no problem. Here is a link with a little info about it

Senja is a beautiful island and is worth stopping over on and taking in the beauty. You also have Lofoten which is super nice for scenery. I would recogmend though that you leave pleanty of time as at this time of year there are a lot of tourists doing the same thing.

The ferry from the back end of Kvaløya to Senja (Botnhamn-Brensholmen/Rv862 ferry) is running by June til beginning of september so it may be a option for on the way down if one wants to see Sommarøya also. See route information from the ferry here.

There are some nice cabins that are out on Sommarøya which can be rented from the hotel out there. Otherwise many people on Senja rent out their cabins through airbnb.

You can try this website . Otherwise this website .

Visit the local webpage to get an overview of all bus times, speed boats and ferries.

Enjoy !