International Tele-course: Mark

Read no further if you are not interested in a mark. Otherwise welcome !

If the course has been completed successfully, participants who indicated in their registration form that they want to receive a mark will receive one at the end of the course.

If study points and a mark for the course are of importance to you, you should get approval from your local study authorities before you start to invest effort in this course. We cannot accept any responsibility for problems with the application of the certificate of the course.

The registration procedure will ask if you are interested in obtaining a mark. The mark is only for the tele-part. Your certificate indicates the workload of 108 hours for the tele-part or of 216 hours for the tele- plus Tromsø-part.

Your mark will be treated confidentially and is only reported to the participant in the certificate.


The mark is the number of points one acquires over the maximum possible number of points which is 40. There are three ways to aquire points:
  • Completing the online quizz each week (10 points in total)
  • Active participation per week. Activity is measured by the number of response messages in discussion sessions in the discussion forum (maximum 10 points). At least one well formulated question per week is required.
  • If you only follow only the tele-course: A maximum of 20 points for your essay. See here for previous essays
  • If you follow the practical training part: A maximum of 10 points for a detailed mydata_my_pet-file and a maximum of 10 points for your discussion topic.