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What is DEB ?

DEB stands for the Dynamic Energy Budget theory. It's a conceptual framework which specifies acquisition and use of substrate by all living organisms. The DEB theory is based on first principles and makes use of thermodynamics, mass and energy conservation, stoichiometric constraints on production, homeostasis... . In short, it is a quantitative theory with many applications in environmental quality management, food production and medicine. Read more here.


Akvaplan uses the DEB theory to develop coherence between diverse multi-disciplinary projects by providing tools (theory, models and code) and a workable interface between biology, mathematics, physics and chemistry. The fact that we work with DEB theory allows us to develop a coherent family of models to solve fundamental and applied problems in biology.

Current Developments

Current developments include:
  • Testing/parametrizing DEB (toxicity) modules in ecosystem based management tools
  • Improving methods to estimate DEB parameters from data
  • Comparing species sensitivity to stressors
  • Risk assessment models
  • Add-my-pet collection
Read more here.

Education and Training

Akvaplan couples seemingly different projects and boost team building through our contribution to education and training activities. To this end we contribute to international courses on DEB theory. Read more here.

Events and Networking

We participate in regular DEB events and are part of a larger international network, the DEB net. You can stay up to date on the DEBwiki. The page loads slowly so we ask you to be patient.

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